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Cost effective way to collect, dewater, transport and dump all kinds of sludges, slurries, and wet solids. AquaCat™ Model RO The AquaCat dewatering box comes with permanently mounted plastic filter media. The AquaCat is designed to be used with light gravity sludge and slurries made up of very fine particles that require the addition of a flocculent for effective dewatering.


  • Heavy duty carbon steel construction (optional stainless
    steel) 3/16” floor and 10 gage side walls with square bottom design, 6” x 2” x 1/4” bottom rails with steel wheels
  • Gasketed, hinged water tight rear door
  • Designed to be handled by a standard hook and cable type roll-off truck (hook lift type mechanisms optional)
  • Typical (4) 3” drain ports located at the bottom on each
    side at opposing ends
  • Filter support panels made of expanded metal and
    perforated plate (optional materials available for support
  • Filter media covers the floor, both side walls and both
    sides of installed center wall (optional door filter and front wall filter as well as a second double wall filter are
  • Plastic filter media comes in a choice of micron sizes
    from 600 microns to 300 microns (30 mesh to 50 mesh)
  • Container sizes available: 15, 20, 30, and 40 cubic yards



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